Some techniques of painting to show your baby.

April 29, 2015

Facing fear as a parent.

April 29, 2015

4 stages of one painting.

April 29, 2015

Some artworks Tallulah created were done in one session, however most of them are 2 to 4 sessions creations, allowing drying time in between, and rest for the baby. How you want to do it is up to you. Once off artworks are cool, why not? However if you would like her to create multi-layered intriguing art, give her the same canvas several times and see where she will take it. Usually after few layers I see that it’s really beautiful and store it in a safe place. It happened however that I felt that artwork needs another layer, gave it to Tallulah, but she objected: “This one is finished, mama.” – she would say. Who am I to argue? The other way around also happened. I felt that painting was done and tried to protect it (or hide it, lol). Tallulah would take it from me to carry on with it, end of conversation.

This was Tallulah’s first ever painting, that went through 4 stages. Ok, I actually regretted that I did not save the 1st stage of her 1st painting ever, but she enjoyed adding layers to it. Art without regret, that is – a reminder to myself.







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  1. I loved visiting this site! My little girl Luka (now 14 months) also wants to sit with me when I’m creating something and I was thinking on how to involve her and this inspires me! Not quite sure if I can convince my hubby to do it on the same scale as you, haha, but I will find a way. Crayons can even be fun as well, or maybe easier washable paint :) Love the photos here! thanks for sharing and she is so cool!

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