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April 29, 2015

4 stages of one painting.

April 29, 2015

Some techniques of painting to show your baby.

April 29, 2015

Learning to paint for baby is like learning new language – easy. Show her once and she will repeat, plus will add her own creative technique to it. You don’t have to be artistic or creative yourself, it’s all about random mark making, without thinking or doubting. Basic rule is: put the paint on the canvas! How? However you decided to do it, with any tool, by any means. Here is just a few examples, and I will post similar post again soon with more creative ideas.

With liquid acrylics:

Dip a table spoon into paint and shake the spoon over the canvas. Various sized drops and blobs will appear. You can also do dipping and shaking with a brush and any other tools. Your child will enjoy all that paint flying around. You might get a fright from all the mess, but result and the process of fun are totally worth it!

Pour it into a bottle with a nozzle and squeeze paint out onto the canvas, steady, or in motion.

Put the paint into any bucket without a lid, narrow or wide one, and pour the paint onto the canvas slowly.

Take above paint in the bucket and through it all onto the canvas fast – in one wohoo blob! Again – scary for you, cool for a child. He might miss the canvas and it will end up on his body (and it happened many times with Tallulah, but so what, do it again! Art without fear or reservation, that is.

With normal consistency acrylics, try:

Paint with a brush

Paint with a hand


Roller brushing



This session with Tallulah happened at about 1 year 10 months, where I showed her various mark making with a brush and she repeated it. Eventually she pushed me away and proceeded with her own thing: smudging, painting, dripping and rubbing. And that’s what we ultimately want: child’s play without adults involvement.

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