Facing fear as a parent.

May 1, 2015

The concept of Fearless Art.

May 1, 2015

How to react during painting session.

May 1, 2015

Many things will happen during painting session with your child that will take you out of your comfort zone. Paint buckets will be dropped on the floor, poured over, mess created: slippery, sticky and all kinds of inconvenient mess. You will be tempted many times to stop, to say no, to prevent or prohibit something, and even to pull hair out of your head. Don’t. Be silent, unless absolutely have to speak. Be gentle, if paint is knocked over, say softly: “it’s ok”, and pick it up. The whole experience may re-write your character, for the better. And your child will gain a priceless experience in life, that can only do him good.

Look at the first and the last stage of this painting. There are pretty parts in the first, which are almost buried towards the end.

Tallulah_Jade_Rainbow_Creating10 Tallulah_Jade_Rainbow_Creating15

Every time she goes over “pretty parts”, I cringe. To my shame, sometimes I even try to stop her. I say “no! oh, no!” She turns and looks at me with that question in her eyes: “What’s the matter?” Then I would say: “Don’t worry! Carry on!” DO NOT STOP YOUR CHILD DURING CREATIVE PROCESS. Even if he goes over what your mind thinks are “the pretty spots”. When you stop her, you are teaching her FEAR. On the last session Tallulah actually verbalised it right: “Mama! This is MY artwork!” Damn right, it is. I have no say in the matter. In this process, we – adults – are lesser beings, brainwashed by society on how we should behave, react and feel. Creative session of your child is the lesson on fearless art to the parents, in fact, it’s the lesson on fearless life.

Tallulah_Jade_Rainbow_Creating12 Tallulah_Jade_Rainbow_Creating11

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