How to react during painting session.

May 1, 2015

Set up a space to paint.

May 1, 2015

The concept of Fearless Art.

May 1, 2015

We did not come up with the concept of fearless art and then proceeded to implement it. It took us 3 years of Tallulah’s life and observation of her process to realize that what she does is in fact Fearless Art. Children have no fear when it comes to fun creative times. There is no attachment to the outcome, no expectation, no concern to spoil results that they have already achieved. All of the above inhibit us as adults when we try to create.


I totally suck at abstract art. When I attempt to create one, it comes out stiff, controlled, predictable and totally lacking the wow factor. I am constantly thinking and analysing, trying to remember rule of the thirds, figuring out complimentaries and working out my composition. On top of that I am very scared to proceed to the next layer once I got first 2 on the canvas. What if I ruin it? – I think.



Kids don’t know of the rule of the thirds, compositions and other “correct” ways of making art. They know all of it instinctively. They proceed with their hearts, not their minds. Art should be taught to children in this untainted pure stage of no knowledge and no rules, early, not late, as early as possible. While fearlessness and intuition is in, while society with all its heavy load is out.



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