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Fearless Expression Online Workshop – Collaboration with Tallulah

Annie Hamman - January 11, 2016

  Hello dear friends! I am announcing release of mine and Tallulah’s workshop “Fearless Expression” coming up on 29 February 2016. It is based on my collaboration with my toddler-artist Tallulah Jade Rainbow. It will be showing videos of her creating, us collaborating, and me unfolding under the influence of her example. There will be lots of inspiration, instructions and exercises to do. And also, …

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Variety of Tallulah’s paint application.

Annie Hamman - May 7, 2015

It’s a good idea to start painting with a couple of brushes and hands. However as Tallulah grew and became more inquisitive, we started adding various tools of application into her repertoire, just so the fun and exploration continues. You don’t have to do all of that variety to achieve great results with your child’s creative development. Hands and brushes REALLY IS ENOUGH. However, for those …

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Set up a space to paint.

Annie Hamman - May 7, 2015

Setting up a space to paint freely doesn’t have to be stressful logistics. All you need is a space where it’s permissible to do some acrylic splashes around. Best one is an art studio of course, but if you don’t have one, the garage is second best space to go. Layer the floor with plastic from builders warehouse, and if necessary cover the walls and …

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The concept of Fearless Art.

Annie Hamman - May 1, 2015

We did not come up with the concept of fearless art and then proceeded to implement it. It took us 3 years of Tallulah’s life and observation of her process to realize that what she does is in fact Fearless Art. Children have no fear when it comes to fun creative times. There is no attachment to the outcome, no expectation, no concern to spoil …

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