beginning to create

How to react during painting session.

Annie Hamman - May 1, 2015

Many things will happen during painting session with your child that will take you out of your comfort zone. Paint buckets will be dropped on the floor, poured over, mess created: slippery, sticky and all kinds of inconvenient mess. You will be tempted many times to stop, to say no, to prevent or prohibit something, and even to pull hair out of your head. Don’t. …

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Facing fear as a parent.

Annie Hamman - April 30, 2015

Main thing preventing a parent to start this project with the baby is fear. Fear is a universal creativity killer, I myself have lots of fear as a professional artist, when I want to start a work of art. Fear leads to doubts, procrastinations, insecurities and ultimately failure to start, to continue or to finish a creative project. I am not a psychologist, but I …

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